Senior Pet Care

Galilee Veterinary Hospital provides senior pet care. Let us help make their golden years more special by ensuring all their healthcare needs are met.

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Your Ally inSenior Pet Care

At Galilee Veterinary Hospital, we are passionate about our senior patients. We understand the special bond you share with them and the importance of ensuring their happiness and comfort during this special season of life.

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The Importance of Senior Pet Care

The needs of pets can change as they age, and they may require more specialized attention to stay healthy. Senior pet care is a holistic approach to assisting your pet as they enter their golden years. Our veterinarians are passionate about ensuring all your pet’s needs are met and that any underlying conditions are identified and treated appropriately, giving them the best life possible.


The Benefits of Senior Pet Care

Early Detection of Health Issues:
Our veterinarians can detect age-related health concerns in their early stages, allowing for rapid treatment and potentially averting the progression of serious conditions.

Pain Management:
Arthritis and other age-related discomfort can cause pain in senior pets. To improve their comfort and mobility, our veterinarians offer pain management options.

Dietary Advice:
As pets mature, their nutritional requirements may shift. Our veterinarians will provide personalized nutritional advice to ensure your senior pet gets the nutrients needed for maximum health.

Dental Care:
Dental problems in geriatric pets can become increasingly common. Regular dental check-ups and treatments are monitored with our senior pet care to ensure your pet’s oral health.

Emotional Well-Being:
Behavioral or emotional changes may occur in senior pets. We have a variety of options to help manage and minimize those symptoms. Our goal is for each patient to be calm and comfortable.