Veterinary Services

We offer a wide variety of veterinary services to help keep your pet happy and healthy.

Dog and Cat Sitting on Wooden Surface

Veterinary Services in Jefferson, GA

Veterinarian holding a cat and examining him

Routine Wellness Exam

During a wellness exam, your pet will
be checked from “nose to tail” for
their physical health. We will also take
into account their emotional and
mental well-being.

puppy dog on the gray background

Puppy and Kitten Care

We can’t wait to meet your new best
friend and assist you with their care
through exams, vaccines, and
parasite prevention.

A dog being vaccinated by a vet


Following a vaccine protocol helps
protect your pet from infections,
viruses, and disease.

Microchip scanning a young French Bulldog


Use Galilee Veterinary Hospital‘s pet microchipping service in Jefferson, GA, to ensure your pet’s safety.

Veterinarian holding cat with bandage on paw

Pain Management

By providing the proper pain
management, we can help increase
your pet’s comfort.

Dog sitting on towel near toothbrush

Dental Care

Regular dental exams and thorough
cleanings can improve your pet’s
overall health.

preparing the cat for surgery


Our skilled veterinarians offer various
routine and advanced surgical

A veterinarian uses ultrasound to examine a dog


Pet ultrasounds allow us to identify
potential health issues and determine
the appropriate treatment.

Vet examining the x-ray image of a cat


At Galilee Veterinary Hospital, we
are proud to offer in-house
radiology services.

The vet administers medicine to the dog


We offer a full array of medications
and preventatives.

A veterinarian treats a dog from parasites

Parasite Prevention & Control

Keep your pet healthy with routine
parasite prevention and control.

Veterinarian examining cat


Our advanced diagnostic equipment
allows for accurate results in-house.

Man holding his dog while it's getting laser therapy

Laser Therapy

Our state-of-the-art laser therapy is safe
and effective for pets.

cute jack russell dog holding a stethoscope

Domestic Health Certificates

Pet health certificates ensure your pet
is healthy enough to travel, providing
a stress-free trip.

A cute kitten looking straight

Senior Pet Care

Senior pets can benefit from specialized
care. Our veterinarians can provide
guidance on this stage of life.

Dog sitting on towel

Urgent & Critical Care

Sometimes, immediate care is necessary.
Our team can help with our urgent and
critical services.