At Galilee Veterinary Hospital, we utilize in-house diagnostic equipment to obtain immediate results.

A veterinarian with a microscope

Offering the Latest Advances in Diagnostics

When answers matter, we have your pet’s best interest at heart. We utilize the latest technology in diagnostic equipment to obtain accurate results.

Veterinarian examining cat

Unraveling the Unseen with Diagnostics

Diagnostic testing is sometimes needed to see beyond what shows on a physical examination. At Galilee Veterinary Hospital, our team utilizes a vast array of in-house diagnostic equipment, including radiographs, ultrasound, microscopes, and blood and urine analyzers, to obtain an accurate picture of each pet’s health. This proactive approach allows us to care for each patient’s unique needs.


The Benefits of Our Diagnostics Service

Early Detection:
Early diagnostics allow us to detect health issues in their initial stages. Early detection will enable us to intervene quickly, perhaps averting major illnesses and increasing treatment outcomes.

Customized Treatment Plans:
Diagnostics allow us to diagnose, rule out, and create individualized treatment plans to address each patient’s needs.

Minimally Invasive Procedures:
Advances in diagnostic equipment allow us to obtain results with minimally invasive procedures. It is important to us that your pet has a comfortable experience while in our care.

Obtain a Baseline:
Routine diagnostics, including blood work, will provide a baseline of your pet’s health. Routine monitoring will track any changes they may experience and allow for intervention if necessary.